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Roque as The Hierophant Red Rising by piercebrown t
Roque as “The Hierophant” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
PhantomRin: Roque au Fabii (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown) What can I say - I like drawing skulls/bones and wings.
Starting with Darrow as “The Fool” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
PhantomRin: Sefi as “The Tower” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-
PhantomRin: Mustang as “The High Priestess” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
roque Red Rising, Wings Book, Piercings, Fandoms, Books, Star Art,
Ragnar as “Strength” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
Lysander as “The Star” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
Roque - the dreamer ("Red Rising" trilogy by Pierce Brown @piercebrownofficial)
Roque-Red Rising by Pierce Brown movie poster
Romulus au Raa as “The Moon” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
Roses (Matteo, Theodora, Evey) (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
PhantomRin: Victra. jade earrings (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
Red Rising, Book Series, Six Of Crows, Lectures, Fandoms, Character,
PhantomRin: Eo as “The World” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown) The last card in the Main Arcana.
Fitchner as “The Sun” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
PhantomRin: Octavia au Lune as “The Empress” ”Red Rising” by @
Darrow-Red Rising by Pierce Brown movie poster
Virgina au Augustus, aka Mustang from the Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown
PhantomRin: Eo (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
Victra au Julii (”Red Rising” by Nah, modesty doesn't suit Victra.
the song. Eo ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown
Sevro (”Red Rising” by Pierce Brown @pierce-brown... | Red Rising in 2018 | Pinterest | Red rising, Red and Books
PhantomRin: Cassius as “Justice” ”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
PhantomRin: Romulus au Raa (”Red Rising” trilogy by Can't help myself - his appearance is just too cool. And moon'n'space in the bg (yeah, again-again).
"Propoganda Poster" Red Rising, Throne Of Glass Books, Book Series, Brown
Meet Lysander in new print for Pierce Brown's IRON GOLD
Golden Son by Pierce Brown Red Rising, Storms, Book Quotes, Mustang, Chains
PhantomRin: Eo (”Red Rising” by Pierce Brown ) Never used so much red in one piece before -__- And the flowers are haemanthus.
Fitchner (The Rage Knight)-Red Rising by Pierce Brown movie poster
Sevro The guy's too bloodydamn cool! ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown @piercebrownofficial )
Elaida Red Rising, Piercings, Fandoms, Books, Brown Art, Morning Star,
Lyria of Lagalos | Iron Gold by Pierce Brown
Aja au Grimmus Red Rising, Morning Star, Piercings, Stars, Books, Brown
This is so beautiful although she cannot be so clear after the fight.
Break the Chains. Fan Art. #RedRising #PierceBrown Red
(”Red Rising” by Trying to sort things out…
Roque au Fabii by Justin Wong art.
phantomrin: Mustang (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
From the book series. The markings you have on your hand, signifying status in the caste system of the future earth. By Pierce Brown.
The Jackal (Adrius au Augustus) character movie poster- Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Hic Sunt Leones.
Ares (”Red Rising” trilogy by @pierce-brown)
Nero au Augustus (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown) Bibliophile,
PhantomRin: Mustang/Virginia as Minerva (”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown)
Red Rising by Pierce Brown movie poster-Darrow the Reaper
Red Rising ~ Book Redesign by Gian Bautista #amusementphile Red Rising, Book Fandoms,
Mustang ( Red Rising - by Pierce Brown )
Mustang (”Red Rising” by Pierce Brown @pierce-brown )
"Golden Son," by Pierce Brown. Book 2 of the Red Rising Trilogy. This sequel is every bit as good as "Red Rising". Love this series!
"Mustang" from Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Awesome series, I can't wait for "Morning Star"!
Red Rising by Pierce Brown
Telemanus bros - Daxo and Pax ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown…
(Red Rising by Pierce Brown) fan art by PhantomRin
PhantomRin: Daxo au Telemanus (”Red Rising” trilogy by @pierce-brown
Red Rising fanart by PhantomRin Red Rising, Piercings, Books, Fantasy Story, Brown
(”Red Rising” by @pierce-brown) (And now I'm thinking about genetic stuff, like dominant and recessive genes, how they criss-cross etc. The hair/eyes part ...
Mustang and gravBoots;) ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown @piercebrownofficial ) #Red_Rising #Pierce_Brown #Mustang #Virginia_au_Augustus #Virginia #Augustus ...
Read a quick recap of Red Rising and Golden Son before you get your hands on Morning Star!
Pax au telemanus, Victra au Julii, Roque au Fabii and Sevro au Barca from Red rising books.
Red Rising by Pierce Brown cosplay. Darrow au Andromedus as a Sons of Ares Howler at the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball. Darrow cosplay.
A book series by Pierce Brown. Fan Art. Red Rising,
Red Rising, American Illustration, Deviant Art, Bibliophile, Book Art, Black Boots
96 best Red Rising images on Pinterest in 2018 | Red rising, Libros and Red
Orion ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown
House Mars sigil vinyl decal from the Young Adult series, Red Rising, by Pierce
ArchImperator of the Solar Republic. Finally I get to share the first canon image of Darrow of Lykos from IRON GOLD by Magali Villeneuve.
Sefi ("Red Rising" trilogy by Pierce Brown @piercebrownofficial) Another cool lady;) #Red_Rising #Sefi #Sefi_the_Quiet #Obsidians #Valkyr… | Red Rising in ...
Red Rising Trilogy and a few other sci fi obsessions
Orion ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown @piercebrownofficial) #Red_Rising #Golden_Son #Morning_Star #Orion #Orion_Xe_Aquarii #blue #tattoos #books #YA ...
Golden Son Pierce Brown
Victra au Julii Wip Red Rising trilogy by Pierce Brown
Red Rising fanart
Excellent depiction of Mickey from Red Rising Red Rising, Fandoms, Books, Brown Art
Darrow by GraceZhu.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt Red Rising, Art Blog,
Darrow Cosplay-Red Rising by Pierce Brown. Darrow au Andromeda as a GOLD Howler with touches from both Golden Son & Morning Star
Red Rising, Saga, Fanart, Throw Pillows, Raising, Greeting Card, Nerdy
Golden Son Pierce Brown
Red Rising Pierce Brown
(”Red Rising” trilogy by Pierce Brown )
Mustang & Darrow (Red Rising trilogy).
Red Rising, Book Fandoms, Film Books, Lectures, Popcorn, Bestselling Author, Book Stuff, Book Book Book, Mustang
(”Red Rising” trilogy by @pierce-brown) (The Imperial March from “Star Wars” for background lol:)
Sevro-Red Rising by Pierce Brown movie poster
Tactus au Rath ("Red Rising" by Pierce Brown
He was pretty cool 😢I loved him from the first 😭😭😭
justinwongart: A digital sketch of ArchGovernor Nero au Augustus from the Red Rising Trilogy. What a gorydamn commanding character.
Darrow, the bloody Reaper of Mars. #RedRising #PierceBrown Red Rising, Book
Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy- 345539842 - Morning Star: Book III of The Red Rising Trilogy by Pierce Brown Red Rising thrilled.
Pierce Brown with Darrow welcoming everyone into Howler Fest to celebrate Iron Gold, the forth book in the Red Rising series ten years after Morning Star.
Are you a fan of the #redrising books by @piercebrownofficial ? I recently got
Brown Red Rising, Sci Fi Series, Dawn, Red
Obsidian Red Rising, Sci Fi Series, Dawn, Red
Red Rising - Sevro sketch by Lehanan.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt
Darrow of Lykos/ The Reaper ArchImperator of the Republic | Knjige znanstvene fantastike in 2018 | Pinterest | Red rising, Red and The republic
Sons of Ares #Brown # Hoskin #Powell Red Rising, Beautiful Cover, Sons
Theodora (”Red Rising” trilogy by @pierce-brown) Red Rising,
Praise for Pierce Brown and the Red Rising Trilogy. Series: The Red Rising Trilogy (Book [A] top-notch debut novel. Red Rising ascends above a crowded ...
Ephraim ti Horn #IronGold #PierceBrown Sci Fi Series, Red Rising, Horns,
Darrow Ya Books, Reading Books, Red Rising, Throne Of Glass, Book Fandoms
Mustang, from superpaulywantacracker2.tumblr.com Red Rising, Wind Of Change, Mustang