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Otaru Hokkaid Sung Kim t Otaru
... I wasn't looking forward to my second Airbnb the next day at Otaru even though it was said to command a splendid view due to its vantage position.
... i can understand why those friends felt that way as the canal was underwhelming and aside from the contrast of old with new; the canal itself didn't ...
Today, we shall step into the music box museum and although i didn't manage to cover everything, the following pictures would give you a rough idea on what ...
Grand Park Otaru Hotel
Otaru, Hokkaidō di Sung Kim Otaru, Hokkaido, Flies Away, Singing, Hokkaido
Sapporo's Otaru Canal in Winter, Hokkaido, Japan
Tengu House - Many Artefacts of the Long Nosed Goblin! @ Mt Tengu Observatory in Otaru [Hokkaido, Japan]
Japan Autumn Trip #7 Otaru - Sapporo (7/7) 1080p 60fps
Orgel Museum Otaru Music Box Hokkaido Japan Travel Diary Blog
Smile Hotel Otaru
Otaru, the touristy port city in Hokkaido, is famous for its fresh seafood but while i was checking the top restaurants in Otaru on TripAdvisor; ...
Zengame/Flickr. 5. Otaru
Otaru, Japan Otaru, Sapporo, Hangzhou, Hokkaido, Sumo, Memoirs, Hong
At my age, the major issue is that i am no longer able to eat as much as i could; hence, i didn't venture beyond the incredibly famous LeTao!
... as I visited Otaru about 2 months ago, so my memory is a bit rusty (already!). Anyway, here are the places we stayed, ate, and did.
Otaru Canal
Rest assured, day 0 would be relatively picture-light as i can't foresee there's anything i could add since all my air trips from Singapore start from the ...
... a lot on animal feeding and this is definitely not the last; however, this took place in Hokkaido, on a mountain top within the port city of Otaru .
I don't quite understand the Japanese characters but i recognise the surroundings and went to search for the station on Google Map (satellite view).
IMG_0968_2.jpg 726.73 KB
Main floor of Otaru Orgel , Hokkaido
suite sitting area
Hokkaido Autumn Guide Otaru Canal
Tenguyama Shrine (天狗山神社), Dragon God Shrine & Statue of a Shinto Priest @ Mt. Tengu in Otaru [Hokkaido, Japan]
Touching the Nose of the Tengu (Long Nosed Goblin) @ The Top of Mt Tengu in Otaru [Hokkaido, Japan]
Sadly, we decided not to patronize it after requesting for permission to check out the premises; there were not many people and the food served didn' t ...
I have no idea then and there's no explanation; i did note the sign for no camera though. It's only when i visited Hokkaido Shrine that i ...
Rainbow softserve #otaru #hokkaido
Our day in Otaru which is about 45 minutes drive from Sapporo. Waking up feeling really well rested, we, yes, we totally crashed on bed early the previous ...
Noboribetsu & Otaru - 6-Day South Hokkaido Itinerary
Hokkaido Vlog: Sapporo Snow Festival, Otaru Snow Light Path Festival [Ft. Rachel and Jun & OkanoTV] - YouTube
... i read that Otaru is as famous for its glassware as is the case for its fresh seafood, i am honestly uninterested given my penchant to break things.
city corner - Otaru, Hokkaido
Authent Hotel Otaru, Otaru ...
3 Great Reasons to Visit Hokkaido This Winter
Curry & Cafe Celan - My First Taste of Hokkaido Soup Curry @ Otaru (Very near to Mt. Tengu Ropeway) [Japan] #celan
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And I suppose it shouldn't have been that much of a surprise, but other towns also had ice sculptures such as Otaru 小樽.
This beautiful Flower field is located in Hokkaido Shikisainooka, Biei town, Hokkaido, Japan
15 Best Things to Do in Otaru (Japan
Note that when you chose express (rapid) train, not all station listed will be stop for alight. Don't worry, Otaru station will be available for both.
Eight swirl soft serve in Otaru, Hokkaido
This was lost on me but i guess it refers to the popular skiing spots in Hokkaido back when the sport was introduced to the country.
Lake Toya,. Hokkaido ...
The beautiful colors of Hokkaido. Delicious nigiri in Otaru
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Otaru canal
Every tourist to Otaru would visit to the music box museum and it's an injustice if i were to skip it! There were so many music boxes to choose from as a ...
Joy and excitement obviously overwhelmed me for this inaugural trip and this could be seen from the over 7,000 photos / video taken using my camera and ...
This guide you how to board, alight and make payments.
For our 8 days, 7 nights Hokkaido itinerary in summer, click here.
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Weekend In Hokkaido: Sapporo, Otaru, And Asahiyama Zoo - Baby Kaiju By Teni Wada
otaru canal hokkaido lantern festival
Shin Yanagisawa: Female, Otaru, Hokkaido, from the series “Hard Winter”, 1973
Canon - Music Box from Otaru Orgel Doh, Hokkaido.
Otaru Tenguyama Ropeway | VLOG001
This cut-out of a man with a tuna seemed quite familiar although i couldn't quite recall where i had seen him before. It didn't take me long to realise this ...
Otaru, Hokkaido
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We couldn't quite decide as the first two offered food / drinks but the third one appeared to have more fun activities; i.e. the chipmunk and the ...
A smoking room; frankly, for the benefit of my friends who couldn't do without a cigarette in their mouth, i thought this kind of setup is a win-win.
Sailors assigned to the forward-deployed Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS
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Otaru Hello Kitty souvenir
OKOVO is actually an abbreviation, created from the title "Otaru snow light festival KOrean VOlunteers."
Vietravel Vùng Hokkaido: Chitose - Noboribetsu - Otaru - Sapporo - Ngắm Hoa Lavender (4
For my 8 days, 7 nights Hokkaido itinerary in summer, click here.
For our itinerary (8 days, 7 nights) to Hokkaido in summer, click here.
For our itinerary (8 days, 7 nights) to Hokkaido in summer, click here.
Everyone knows about the famous Ishiya White Chocolate but do you know that there is a Shiroi Koibito Park that is located in between Otaru and Sapporo?
Vietravel Vùng Hokkaido: Chitose - Noboribetsu - Toya - Otaru - Sapporo (Tour Tiêu Chuẩn
More photos of the Irodori Flower Field - last one was the two-rowed barley and even though i don't know what it would be used for; the Chinese words on the ...
With Sapporo as our base, we took an unplanned random day trip to Otaru.
JR Pass - ตั๋วถูกจัง | JR EAST-SOUTH HOKKAIDO RAIL PASS วิ่งตรงจาก Tokyo > Shin-Hakodate > Hokuto ใช้เวลาเร็วที่สุดเพียง 4 ชั่วโมง 2 นาที | jr-east ...
Views along the way; not that difficult to drive around so long you keep to the designated speed limit. As the vehicle commander, i was strict in making the ...
Most Beautiful Places In Hokkaido Japan | Travel Vlog
Sapporo Metro Map - http://travelsfinders.com/sapporo-metro-
And all of Hokkaido is known for its fresh seafood, so you can find many markets selling seafood in Otaru.
... 여행 #오타루여행 #japan #hokkaido #sapporo #otaru #otarucanal #rextrip #rextrip_japan #日本 #北海道 #小樽 #札幌 #小樽運河 pic.twitter.com/VfPBIy8bHb
LeTAO Cheese Cake ドゥーブルフロマージュ, Otaru, zhokkaido, Japan.
Kimobetsu Town hall
For my 8 days, 7 nights Hokkaido itinerary in summer, click here.
For our 8 days, 7 nights Hokkaido itinerary in summer, click here.
On our last day in Hokkaido, we decided to visit Otaru! Otaru is a tourist attraction in Hokkaido, and also they had lights at night time at the canal that ...
Seen in a market in Otaru. '
If you walk from Otaru station down towards the sea, you'll come across a road lined with shops, the majority of which sell glassware.
OTARU - JAPAN - MARCH 31 2018 - The Music box museum and stream clock landmark
Some historical river that used to be the river that opens up Hokkaido's shipping business.
Hokkaido rail lines
HOKKAIDO, JAPAN - 30 DECEMBER 2017 - Tourists enjoy shopping inside the Music Box Museum
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OTARU - JAPAN - MARCH 31 2018 - The Music box museum and stream clock landmark