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Marisha Ray on Twitter: ""Why don't I just head over to giphy to see if I can find a dumb gif for- OH HELLO MATT" -me just now. #CriticalRole… "
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Best pic of Matthew Mercer and Marisha Ray EVER. One of the geekiest couples ever
Matt Mercer Talks Critical Role's Impact on Dungeons & Dragons #Games #TabletopGames #
critical roll.. .. Well if you made this post to get people watch
Fan Art[Spoilers C2E1] Travis' New Character by SteveSketches ...
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[SPOILERS E70] Project Alpha screenshots and thoughts : criticalrole
Matthew Mercer (@matthewmercer) | Twitter
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[No Spoilers] Critical Role Character Class Advice from Marisha, Sam and Liam : criticalrole
KFC has chosen singer Reba McEntire to play next Colonel Sanders, the singer will play the founder of the fried chicken chain.
Mercer's Magnificent Mane™ appreciation post Requested by ~Anon~
via GIPHY - Critical Role_
Matthew Mercer (@matthewmercer) | Twitter
Twiggy from the new episode of Critical Role <3
fortune.com REPORT: There's A New Favorite For Trump's Press Secretary
The ...
Origin: Alexandria ...
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Bettis' impressive return
Tucked ...
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Ripken's memorable 1991 ASG
America's ...
Who Lies More, Men or Women?
Fluff[no spoilers] I saw this billboard while at work gogo critical roll ...
Foraging ...
Not enough ratings
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Dua Lipa press shot 2015
Gossip Girl
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