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Loki and Bucky do not approve of Steve and Thor friendship t
Loki and Bucky do not approve of Steve and Thor friendship
There aren't very many differences between Steve & Bucky and Thor & Loki They're not the hugging type
Bucky, Steve, Loki, & Thor ;) I guess i needed Bucky to feel whole :) now i Love Thor and Bucky ;) One hero, One villain. Yin and Yang :)
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Loki, Thor, Steve and Bucky.... MY CHILDREN!
Bucky and Loki while Steve and Thor are away
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Banner high-fiving Thor's fistbump is one of my favourite little details in Thor: Ragnarok ...
Is This the One Flaw in the Otherwise Great Captain America: Civil War?
Steve, Bucky, Tony, Bruce, Clint, Natasha, Loki, Thor
“earth's mightiest heroes.” — Surprise
Anyone love the friendship between Black Widow and Cap. They really shine in simple scenes like this.
30 Hilarious Marvel Movie Fan Comics That Change The Way We See The Movies
Now, if we are talking when Steve says “you can't hurt Bucky Tony. He was mind controlled. he's my friend.”
Avengers Age Of Ultron
Clint: “My love.” A private chat. Surprises! I'm deaf not blind!
Thor: [to Bruce] Loki just texted me saying “How fucking dare you, you're such an evil bitch. You've crossed a line with me, you dumb, evil fucking troll”
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The Complete Timeline of Marvel Cinematic Universe Movies, From 'Iron Man' to 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' - Alton Telegraph
Thor: [to Bruce] Loki just texted me saying “How fucking dare you, you're such an evil bitch. You've crossed a line with me, you dumb, evil fucking troll”
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Film / Captain America: The Winter Soldier
Black Widow
it makes me sad thinking how every time Steve thought he had Bucky back, the
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Captain America was the sole reason for the Civil War. His thick head and blind affection for Bucky Barnes led to so much damage and I will also have him ...
Hayley Atwell explains why Steve/Peggy was far more important relationship than just one kiss in the car.
30 Hilarious Marvel Movie Fan Comics That Change The Way We See The Movies
Sly Temptation [Loki | Midgardian! Reader] by StilemaWillow on DeviantArt
The moral of Avengers: Infinity War? Kill your friends and loved ones
Thor - Appreciation and Development all movies ...
Taking a moment of silence for the brothers and sisters that were lost.
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Frigga is Odin's wife and mother of Thor and Loki. When Milaketh attacked Asgard,Frigga sacrificed herself to save Jane(Thor's love).
It was since the year before Civil War that Thor had had his future vision where he saw those Stones, hence he won't bother ignoring his fellow temmates.
Film / Thor: The Dark World
I swear this is the last Marvel film I see: Captain America reviewed
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Thor Ragnarok Plot Line
But definitely friends with a lot of respect to each other.
There is no need for that much cheering! I know Thor has not been the center of a post on this blog before, and that may lead some ...
Steve Natasha milkshake
He even tries to tell you that he wasn't in control of himself, but that's just what someone trying to save their friend would say isn't it?
Don't tell me it was that woman.” Then Loki says it, that thing that puts me off my popcorn. “Maybe I'll pay her a visit myself.”
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As was discussed at length in the post “Avengers: Age of Ultron – Captain America/Steve Rogers,” Thor and Cap are very good friends.
I went to see the first Thor with my friend Erin, an avid Loki supporter. The lights came up in the theater and we both pressed our hands over our hearts ...
Avengers 4: 10 Crazy Fan Theories That Make Too Much Sense (And 10 That Don' t)
Is thor blurry here?
Film / Captain America: Civil War
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The plot: After Steve Rogers' heroic sacrifice at the end of Avengers 4, Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson are left to pick up the pieces of ...
Captain America: The Winter Soldier [Blu-ray]
Tony did not jump a foot in the air; nor did he shriek. But he did point an accusing finger at Loki and shout, “You!”
Captain America | Marvel Cinematic Universe Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia
I photoshopped Hulk vs Thor from the Ragnarok trailer into the airport battle to imagine what it would've looked like if they were there. It's not the best ...
Crystal: I know I'm not alone when I say Loki is weirdly very
Hulk definitely won't approve of that (he won't be approving much of anything), which means that Hulk would most probably side with Cap. Thor
"My Hero, My Bucky" a Stucky Fanfic
When Tony found out that it was Bucky Barnes who had killed his parents. The movie went out of it's way to show that although Tony had an uneasy ...
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It immediately made him look guilty and was probably the worst thing to say to his stunned teammates who had all decided now would be a good time to ...
By doing this, we get three awesome villains, with motives that help the heroes stories progress. It also allows a chance for Tony and Thor to wrap up their ...
Which means that in an argument, he will insult first or initiate the argument. No wonder Thor likes Steve Rogers more.
I do not like Loki. I do not think he is a “misunderstood” little bundle of emotions. I understand that character and he is a ...
Crystal: I mean, he's not BAD looking (this is Benecio, after all
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HYDRA used Bucky as a tool to kill Iron Man's parents, and a lot of influential leaders. They basically shifted the blame to Bucky, which was why they were ...
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Loki and Bucky Barnes have quite a lot in common. Bucky and Steve Rogers grew up incredibly close, much as brothers Thor and Loki grew up close on Asgard.
Avengers Imagines and Preferences.
Captain America: Civil War